buddy becomes a nerd

Buddy looks like a lamb
Buddy is pissed
Nugget sees Buddy
Nugget smells Buddy
Nugget gets the hell away from Buddy

In March of 2001, I got tired of seeing Buddy suffer wth these HUGE hair mats under his body, so I took him to get his very first haircut. The results were, as you can see, less than spectacular. I don't think Nugget even recognizes him.

I think the most surprising thing learned here is that instead of Nugget being the runt of the house he actually enjoys a slight size advantage over Buddy. Of course once Buddy's fur grows back in he'll look like a big cat again. Happy fans needn't worry - his position as the biggest (fattest) cat in the house remains unchallenged, and he enjoys the brush too much to ever need professional grooming. Well that was wrong. In May 2007 Both Happy and Buddy got shaved. I present these pictures for your amusement:

He looks like a fat Siamese cat
This is even more of a Poodle-cut than last time.