eye-opening shots

I wanted to put up a page to show some of the most memorable shots I've seen. Shots that taught me something. Most are offensive shots - some stupidly offensive - but I do plan to put a couple of more strategic shots here eventually.

eye-opener one Both balls are exactly one ball-width from the cushion. Truman Hogue shot this against Gabe Owen a couple of years ago at the Derby City Classic. His version goes in at about 100 miles per hour. watch me shoot this shot

eye-opener one I took some lessons from Grady Mathews back in 2001. These shots still look impossible to me. watch me shoot these shots

eye-opener one The very first time I ever saw Truman Hogue shoot a shot this is what he did. A little reckless to try in a real game (unless you're named Truman) but if you can do it, then bank the ball that gets spotted you'll look like a genius. Maybe if you're leading 3-0 in balls and all of the other balls are completely tied up then this might be worth trying. watch me get out from here

eye-opener one I thought I'd left the guy pretty tough. Didn't see this one coming at all. watch me shoot this shot

eye-opener one A shot where you're laying just a little flat to try to bank the ball straight-back to your left. Nick Varner made the two-rail version, then later in the same game, when the preferred pocket was blocked, made the three-rail version.