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She's cute when she's wrong.

This was in a dream I had. She was driving at the time, so I was extra concerned.

Bok is a funny word.

At first this said PETA, but Greanpeace is funnier and more appropriate.

I should have been a lawyer. My mad debating skillz are unbeatable.

I had to give her an "A" for effort, though.

I get so sick of people badmouthing her...

This was the only answer I could come up with.

This was funnier in real life.

This is my nephew and me.

That guy next to me is famous and shit.

I make new friends everywhere I go.

I figure, if I make a comic out of it, then maybe I won't say it in real life.

This was just something silly I said in an email to RockGirl.

I like puns. The stupider, the better.

The balance had to be maintained somehow.

I thought this was really deep when I heard it, especially considering the source.

I just happened to arrive just as he was speaking.

If I'd have tried to stop thinking about it, I'd probably have given my brain whiplash.

This was funny. I could tell it wsa funny because she didn't reply with an "LOL" or anything like that.