the shirt of doom

The Shirt of Doom I recently wore this shirt. When I came home Nugget would have absolutely nothing to do with me. The very sight of me sent him running in terror. This was only slightly strange since Nugget gets pretty paranoid sometimes, but usually towards strangers instead of towards me.

What made this occasion unusual was what happened after I removed the shirt. Nugget began stalking it. He'd get to within a few feet of it, then lose his nerve and haul ass down to the basement. This happened quite a few times.

The next morning I did a load of laundry. After I took the clothes out of the dryer and piled them on the bed Nugget dug himself into the pile of warm clothes like he always does to take a nap.

Several minutes later I heard this horrible wailing and thumping from the bedroom. When I ran in to see what hideous creature from Hell had cornered one of my cats I instead found Nugget crashing around the room, wailing like a banshee, with his body stuck in the sleeve of this very same shirt!

Apparent he'd managed to burrow into the pile of warm clothes in just such a way as to get himself caught this way, but to him, the shirt had caught him! It was going to eat him! The faster he'd run, the faster the shirt would "chase" him. It was just about the most pitiful thing I've ever seen.

After I spent a few fruitless seconds looking for my camcorder I managed to scoop up the Nugget/shirt combination and separate them, somehow getting only a half-dozen scratches in the process.

It's a mainly blue shirt with some yellowish stripes. When I put it on the coffee table to take the picture Nugget ran out of the room and into the basement.