my pool records

Straight Pool High Run:127

I ran to 150 from 23 against a much better player. He had just run 100 or so and missed at 142. He was so pissed that I won the game after he'd had such a good run that he swept all the balls up so I couldn't continue my run. I never get anywhere close to this anymore - most days I really struggle to run 50.

Consecutive 9-Ball Racks Ran: 9

I've done this a couple of times, always on bar tables, either 3.5x7 or 4x8. One glorious day back in the '80s I ran 23 consecutive racks on a 3x6 bar table in our basement. The reason I don't count this as a record is that I wasn't paying any attention to balls made on the break.

Consecutive 8-Ball Racks Ran: 7

I've run seven consecutive racks three times, all on bar tables, all playing APA rules. One was from the opening break, one was after my opponent's break with the score at 0-3, and one was actually split (3-4) between two consecutive matches during a tournament.

Consecutive Banks Made: 27

I practice short-rack banks every day until I break and run five balls. On one glorious occasion, three days after some lessons from Grady Mathews, I ran all nine balls. Then nearly a year later I did it again and actually captured it on tape. I've done it several times since then, but it's hard to count one of those occasions because I had new cloth and everything I shot at went in.

At the 2003 Derby City Classic I banked 8 in a row against one opponent. I think that's my high run during competition.

On October 30th, 2005, I threw 15 balls onto the table and banked twelve in a row. Of course the camera wasn't rolling.

On October 28th, 2007, I threw 9 balls out and banked them all in, then threw 9 more and banked 4 more.

On November 12, 2011, I threw 15 balls on the table and banked them without missing. On November 13, 2011, I did it again.

On April 7, 2013, I broke 9 balls, took bal in hand, and banked nine in a row. Then I did it again. Then I did it again. Then I reallized what I was doing, so I missed.

Bowlliards 300 Games: 27
Bowlliards Lifetime Average: 208

I really used to like this game for practicing, and I've tracked all of my scores since 1993. My scores, and a little about the rules I use, are listed here.

Consecutive 9-Ball Breaks: 3

This has happened a lot. Usually I break from the right side of the spot and the nine moves towards the far left corner. Sometimes it gets kicked up towards the pocket by my left hand.

Consecutive 8-Ball Breaks; 4

Playing partners in a little bar in Omaha, with a huge cueball. I broke from the right rail and hit the second ball as full as I could with low right. The eight ball came straight back into the corner underneath me four times in a row. Second-damndest thing I ever saw*.

Most Balls on 9-Ball Break: 7

This was on a 3.5x7 bar table during a tournament at my old hangout in Bellevue NE called The Shanty. I think I was playing Awesome Larry. The nine ball was one of the balls that went in.

Most Balls on 8-Ball Break: 6

I know this was against Awesome Larry, also at The Shanty. I made four solids and two stripes, but was hooked on the remaining solids and did not win the game. I'm not sure why we were playing those stupid bar rules since we were both APA 7s at the time.

Fastest Break: 24.6 mph
Fastest Legal Break: 21.1 mph

I've only tried two breaks with a radar gun. These two speeds were recorded at the Super Billiards Expo in early 2000. You only got two chances, and after an unlucky scratch on the first attempt I really tried to hammer the second one.

Snooker High Break: 95

This was on my old 4x8 Steepleton table, with some nifty 2.25" snooker balls and pocket reducers in place. This was like the 3rd time I ever played snooker on that table. I don't play it on my new Diamond table, but perhaps I should.

* - for the damndest thing I ever saw check here.