the pool player

He came into the room with a smile, 'cause He knew,
He'd show them all what a Pool Player could do.

He took out His cue, so shiny and bright,
It seemed to be made of just fire and light!

He broke the balls hard, spreading them wide,
And the nine ball went in, off the six, in the side.

He cracked them again, then wouldn't you know?
A one-nine combination, three rails (just for show).

He broke and ran out, all bank shots and then,
The nine on the break! And again! And again!

The next game He made all nine balls on the break.
Yet another opponent was left in His wake.

He dropped balls with caroms, and jump shots, and kicks.
The others just watched, then unscrewed their sticks.

One by one they gave up, in awe not in shame.
They had not had a chance, He ran out every game!

He returned to the night and He smiled, 'cause it's true,
He'd shown them all what a Pool Player could do.

Dave Siltz '87