frequently asked questions
What the hell does barenada mean anyway?
It doesn't mean anything. It's just a word that a password-generation program I wrote several years ago came up with. I liked it, so I kept it.
Okay, then what does .* mean?
That logo, which used to be a lot more prominent on this site, is from the regular expression language of pattern matching. The dot means any one character, and the asterisk following it means any number (including zero) of occurances of whatever the preceeding character signified. So dot-asterisk in a regular expression will match anything, everything, or nothing.
Are you some kind of a geek or something?
Yes, I am some kind of a geek. Or something.
What's up with all the cats? You must be a homo.
Actually I'm not a homo. I did, however, have to get a waiver from The Rainbow Coalition so I'd be allowed to have cats as pets.
You really make all those images? It must be hard.
I really make them, but there's a lot of luck involved in making an image turn out right.
Who's eyes are those?
Those are either my eyes or my cat Nugget's, depending on which page you're looking at.
Why don't you mow your damn lawn?
The mowing part doesn't bother me, it's the trimming that I hate. If I don't do the former then I can skip the latter as well.
Will you teach me how to shoot pool?
I can give a little knowledge now and then, but don't push your luck. I don't have the free time that I used to have.
Why don't you offer a feedback form on your 'blog?
Because I've seen the type of feedback that people get, and I get enough insults in my real life.
Is your site W3C compliant?
Not anymore. It used to be but several of the pages have drifted to the dark side. I'll get on it when I've solved all of the more pressing problems in my life.
Do you prefer blonde or brunette women?
I nearly always say that I like brunettes, but it seems that every time I point someone beautiful out to my sister Dina it's always a blonde.
What's the deal with all the trash in your car?
On weekdays the only time I'm ever in my car is going to or from work. I thought about cleaning it during those trips but they have all these pesky anti-littering laws.
What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?
When I was five I was trying out some new tennis shoes and crashed straight through a sliding-glass door. As an adult most of my dumbest moments have involved trusting my first impressions about other people.
Okay, what's the smartest thing you've ever done?
Moving back to Indiana, though I should have done it years earlier.
Will you go out with me?
Send a photo and we'll talk. Maybe.
Why do you even have a website? Aren't you just a nobody?
I know you are but what am I?
Why does your new site design look like shit?
If I had to guess I'd say it's because you're using a browser with poor CSS support. Try using a real browser made in the last couple of years.
If you had a porn name, what would it be?
Quick-Draw McGraw.
What's your biggest pet peeve?
I have a million of them. People who don't use turn signals are pretty high on the list, as are the people who do all their gambling at the convenience store and make me wait in line while they cash a week's worth of dollar winners.
What the hell is going on with your hair?
Funny you should ask. Here's an explanation.
Nobody is that ate up. You've got to be shitting me.
One of the things that's important to realize is that I only write in my 'blog when I have something to say, and I usually only have something to say when I'm in a bad mood. This does tend to slant the entire 'blog towards the melancholy. Most of the time I'm in a good mood, despite what you may read here.
How do you do it? How do you write a blog in your own name with your city of residence and either restain yourself in what you write or post anything throwing caution to the wind? How do you share so much with the world?
Well, the website was around for several years before the 'blog was started. I had my site up for my pool stuff, my cat stuff, and a section on a remote control. During all that time I had my name right there on the front page, so once I started the 'blog it was kinda too late to become anonymous.

Even with the 'blog, it was at first just a toned-down version of my own paper journal. Mainly used so that my friends and family would know that I wasn't dead, and that I did at times even imitate a social life. So I had no problem with my real name being there even then. Plus, it was incredibly boring back then so nobody wanted to read it anyway.

It really wasn't until the stuff started with LaptopGirl that I began to question what I was doing, writing all that shit where anyone could find it and know it was me that was writing it. But by that time I'd started to pick up a few loyal stalk, um, readers and I didn't really want to stop writing. I felt an obligation to these new readers. It was early 2005 when I wrote that entry, but the feelings of obligation had started earlier, maybe the Spring of 2004.

So by now, over a year and a half after the shit started hitting the fan, and over a year after I completely lost myself, it's just become a therapeutic habit for me to write this shit out and put it on the Internet. I really don't think very many of my readers are surprised or shocked anymore, so I have nothing to be embarassed about. Nothing new anyway.
Okay, what's with the numbers after the beers?
In August 2005 I decided to start tracking the total amount (in ounces) of all of beers I've had. I did some guesstimation for the initial numbers, and I'll update them as I drink more.
I can't keep up with all your damn women. Is there a cheat-sheet available?
Funny you should ask. I just updated a cheat-sheet, just for you.
Do you have a myspace, or just the blog?
I have the site (duh) and I used to duplicate the main blog at journalspace before that site went away. I do have a myspace page, but it's never updated and I hardly ever go there. My facebook page is more active.
Are you going to take any new questions?